Rochers-de-Naye in the winter

A breathtaking view on the Lake Geneva © Stephan Engler

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Every stone has a story to tell...
© Samuel Bitton

Montreux Jazz Festival

Dance on the rythm of music
© Montreux Jazz Festival

Jazz Festival, Montreux

© Montreux Jazz Festival

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Select your destination
Lavey-les-Bains : the warmest thermal water in Switzerland
Bex: salt and wine
Gryon, the Alps at their best
Villars, town of Alpine chic and private boarding schools
Aigle, a castle in the vineyards
Les Diablerets, Glacier 3000
Leysin, for sports and studies
Les Mosses – La Lécherette
Rossinière, heir of Balthus
Château-d’Oex, capital of the hot air balloon
Rougemont, its dream chalets
Château-d’Oex, capital of the hot air balloon
Château-d’Oex, capital of the hot air balloon
Villeneuve near Lake Geneva
Montreux, congress and jazz town
Vevey, a lakeside market
Chexbres, a balcony on Lake Geneva
Cully, Lavaux and Jazz
Lutry, in celebration of wine
Lausanne, Olympic Capital
Echallens, the Swiss granary
Payerne, Cluny heritage
Estavayer-le-Lac, medieval city
Avenches, the Roman capital
Vully-les-Lacs, between fields and vineyards
Joux Valley: a Far North atmosphere
Romainmôtier, Cluny priory
Vallorbe, an enchanting underground world
Orbe, a Roman town, with its rich terroir
Yverdon-les-Bains, its water, its heritage
Yvonand, sweet Mediterranean clime
Grandson: a terroir to your taste
Sainte-Croix / Les Rasses, music for all times
Nyon, town of history and festivals
St-Cergue, nature at its purest
Rolle, an international town
Morges, city of flowers
La Sarraz

Montreux, congress and jazz town

Located on the shore of Lake Geneva, Montreux hosts the seasonal Jazz Festival and the Christmas Market. As a town of music, it has priviledged relations with celebrities, such as Freddie Mercury and Igor Stravinsky.

Christmas Village, Caux / Montreux © Jean-François Gailloud
© GoldenPass Services / MOB

Nestling between Lake Geneva and the steep mountains, Montreux enjoys a Mediterranean microclimate. In July it lives to the rhythm of the Montreux Jazz Festival: 20 days of concerts and some 250,000 visitors.

At a close distance, Chillon Castle, located on a rocky isle, proposes an enchanting journey through time. This medieval fortress on the mountainside and princely residence on the lakeside is one of the most visited monuments in Switzerland.

From Montreux station, a cogwheel train takes visitors in an hour to Rochers-de-Naye where they can enjoy a 360° view of Lake Geneva and the Alps. Not to be missed: the animal park “Marmottes Paradis “ an Alpine garden and Mongolian yurts to spend the night in.

One month before Christmas, Montreux opens a huge market. Inside lit chalets, an abundance of gift ideas and culinary tastings are on offer.

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Montreux-Vevey Tourisme
Rue du Théâtre 5
1820 Montreux
Phone +41 (0)84 886 84 84
Fax +41 (0)21 962 84 86

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