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Lavey-les-Bains : the warmest thermal water in Switzerland
Bex: salt and wine
Gryon, the Alps at their best
Villars, town of Alpine chic and private boarding schools
Aigle, a castle in the vineyards
Les Diablerets, Glacier 3000
Leysin, for sports and studies
Les Mosses – La Lécherette
Rossinière, heir of Balthus
Château-d’Oex, capital of the hot air balloon
Rougemont, its dream chalets
Château-d’Oex, capital of the hot air balloon
Château-d’Oex, capital of the hot air balloon
Villeneuve near Lake Geneva
Montreux, congress and jazz town
Vevey, a lakeside market
Chexbres, a balcony on Lake Geneva
Cully, Lavaux and Jazz
Lutry, in celebration of wine
Lausanne, Olympic Capital
Echallens, the Swiss granary
Payerne, Cluny heritage
Estavayer-le-Lac, medieval city
Avenches, the Roman capital
Vully-les-Lacs, between fields and vineyards
Joux Valley: a Far North atmosphere
Romainmôtier, Cluny priory
Vallorbe, an enchanting underground world
Orbe, a Roman town, with its rich terroir
Yverdon-les-Bains, its water, its heritage
Yvonand, sweet Mediterranean clime
Grandson: a terroir to your taste
Sainte-Croix / Les Rasses, music for all times
Nyon, town of history and festivals
St-Cergue, nature at its purest
Rolle, an international town
Morges, city of flowers
La Sarraz

List of rings and indoor schools

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Apples Indoor ring and riding school

Horse livery and trade, group lessons and 50-minute outings. Lit Chloronag paddock. Lessons during school holidays. Open all year, closed Sunday and Monday morning.

Manège et Ecole d'équitation
1143 Apples
Tel. +41 (0)21 800 36 02
Fax +41 (0)21 800 36 03

Begnins Begnins indoor ring

Horse livery and pony club

Manège de Begnins
1268 Begnins
Tel. +41 (0)22 366 19 12
Mobile +41 (0)79 436 66 55

Chappelle-sur-Moudon Ane-Aventure (Donkey Adventure)

Diverse activities are proposed to adults and children. Outings, training, farm activities, etc. By appointment only.

1063 Chappelle-sur-Moudon
Mobile +41 (0)79 357 15 47

Chavannes-de-Bogis La Sallivaz indoor ring

Horse livery, jumps, horse training, American horsemanship, private lessons. Ring measuring 50x25 m, sand square measuring 70x40 m, horse park.

Manège de la Sallivaz
Route de la Sallivaz 5
1279 Chavannes-de-Bogis
Tel. +41 (0)22 776 11 31

© SwissTrails - C. Sonderegger

Chavannes-des-Bois Poney Club

Lessons for children during school holidays. Lessons for children up to 6 years during school periods. Private lessons for adults on request. Horse/pony livery.

Pony Club
Chemin des Chatonnays 1
1290 Chavannes-des-Bois
Tel. +41 (0)22 755 19 58
Fax +41 (0)22 755 19 54

Cheseaux-sur-Lausanne Saint-Georges S.A. indoor ring

Outings. Loose box rental. Parks, outdoor square, galloping track.

Manège Saint-Georges S.A.
En Pré-Bayon
1033 Cheseaux-sur-Lausanne
Tel. +41 (0)21 731 10 61

Commugny Marnex stables

Horse and pony livery. Riding lessons for adults and children from 7 yrs. up. Riding lessons in English available.

Ecuries de Marnex
Route de Marnex 22
1291 Commugny
Tel. +41 (0)22 776 08 42
Mobile +41 (0)76 316 40 26

© SwissTrails - C. Sonderegger

Crassier De la Tour stables

Horse and pony livery. Poney riding lessons. Preparation for the certificate and licence. Three sand paddocks. Covered riding ring. Marching track. Horse parks.

Ecurie de la Tour-Manège de Crassier
Rue de la Tour 56
1263 Crassier
Tel. +41 (0)22 367 17 44

© Ecurie de la Tour Crassier

Cremin Ferme à Cremin

Open from Tuesday to Sunday during school holidays. The farm also welcomes school outings, special holiday packages, leisure centres, the handicapped (adults and children) for outings. By appointment only.

Manège La Perraire
La Perraire
1526 Cremin
Tel. +41 (0)21 906 83 78
Mobile +41 (0)79 723 50 77

Cronay Hors stable Clos de l'Oeuf

In Cronay, 10 minutes from Yverdon-les-Bains, Le Clos de l'Oeuf lets children of any age discover horses or deepen their understanding of them

Ecurie Clos de l'Oeuf
Clos de l'Oeuf
1406 Cronay
Tel. +41 (0)24 433 12 03

Manège, Yverdon-les-Bains

Cronay Riding Site Bleu

Le manège Bleu is located in Cornay, a hamlet a dozen kilometres from Yverdon-les-Bains. It proposes a multitude of horse-related activities.

Manège Bleu
Domaine des Pins
1406 Cronay
Mobile +41 (0)79 623 61 80

Curtilles Ferme de la Daudaz

Riding school, pony club, pony games, harnessing, competitions, jumping and ponies for sale.

Ferme de la Daudaz
1521 Curtilles
Mobile +41 (0)79 219 33 46

© SwissTrails - C. Sonderegger

Donatyre Horses School

This school is not like the other ones, because she has a specialized teacher, Henri Wagneur, who worked in the largest circuses in the world as an animal trainer, mainly horses. Horses School offers a School of Equestrian Arts affiliated to the Swiss Federation of Circus Schools. She also offers very functional horse boarding facilities. An equestrian flea market with among other works of Swiss artists like Hans Erni and Rolf Knie and a charming farmhouse bed and breakfast complete the offer.

Parahotellerie et Horses School
La Combe 8
1063 Chapelle-sur-Moudon VD
Mobile +41 (0)79 436 82 22

Faoug Faoug indoor ring

Indoor ring measuring 20 x 40 m, grass jumping paddock, parks with grass and wood shavings. Possibility of half or full livery, preparation for the certificate, trick riding lessons, training and lead. Private and group lessons, guided walks and various activities.

Centre équestre de Faoug
Route d'Avenches 21
1595 Faoug
Mobile +41 (0)79 342 95 61

© SwissTrails - C. Sonderegger

Gimel Gimel indoor ring

Poney and horse riding lessons, riding school for children, pony competitions, holiday camps, riding certificate, licences, livery, outings.

Manège et école d'équitation
La Praz
route de Longirod 7
1188 Gimel
Tel. +41 (0)21 828 21 17

© SwissTrails - C. Sonderegger

L'Isle Indoor ring and riding school

Riding lessons for people with reduced mobility.

Manège et école d'équitation
Rue de la Ville 1
Case postale 17
1148 L'Isle
Tel. +41 (0)21 864 37 00
Mobile +41 (0)79 246 40 31

© SwissTrails - C. Sonderegger

La Tour-de-Peilz Indoor ring and riding school

Horse and pony riding school, summer school mainly for children, introduction to riding, training and jumping lessons for all levels, grass field, galloping track, many horse parks, outdoor paddock and indoor riding ring. 6,000 sqm of grounds. Open all year.

Centre équestre de la Tour-de-Peilz
Route de Blonay 234
1814 La Tour-de-Peilz
Tel. +41 (0)79 607 50 14
Mobile +41 (0)79 607 50 14

Manège, Yverdon-les-Bains

Lausanne Chalet-à-Gobet indoor ring

Training and jumping lessons for adults and children on horses and ponies. Trick riding on request. Outings. Loose box rental. Open all year.

Manège du Chalet-à-Gobet
Rte de Berne 304
Le Chalet-à-Gobet
1000 Lausanne 25
Tel. +41 (0)21 784 14 34
Fax +41 (0)21 784 37 07

© SwissTrails - C. Sonderegger

Le Mont Mont-sur-Lausanne indoor ring

Training and jumping lessons for adults and children. Loose box rental. 2 halls, 2 sand paddocks, 1 volte, park available.

Manège du Mont-sur-Lausanne
Ch. des Buchilles 30
1052 Le Mont-sur-Lausanne
Tel. +41 (0)21 652 99 11
Fax +41 (0)21 652 60 70

Les Mosses Alpage des Charmilles, Cheval pour Tous

1 hour to 1 week outings. Petite Lune camp with one night in a tepee plus meal.

Buvette des Charmilles - Tipi Ranch L'Etivaz
Route des Mosses 60
1660 L'Etivaz
Mobile +41 (0)79 287 97 08

Leysin Michel Tauxe indoor ring

The Leysin indoor ring proposes lessons and outings all year round for all ages and all levels, groups, individuals, on ponies for the children as well as outings in horse-drawn carriages.

Manège de Leysin
Rue du Manège
1854 Leysin
Tel. +41 (0)24 494 17 07

Haras de Lully

Lully Lully stud farm

Private introductory lessons from 10 yrs and up, private or group lessons (also with your own horse), outings, horse livery, horse breeding.

Haras de Lully
1470 Lully
Tel. +41 (0)26 663 25 65

Montricher Montricher indoor ring (school)

An indoor ring measuring 18x40m, horse park, breaking in and training of all horse breeds, handling and improvement of horses with a difficult past, private and collective lessons, accompanied outings, lessons for adults and kids, etc. More information on our website. Relaxation area, shop.

Manège et école d'équitation
Ch. des Rippes 8
1147 Montricher
Mobile +41 (0)79 435 04 70

© SwissTrails - C. Sonderegger

Montricher The Goldy's Farm

American-style riding school, lessons for adults and children (7 yrs and up), training horses, breaking in and training of horses of all breeds.

The Goldy's Farm
Ch. des Rippes 8
1147 Montricher
Mobile +41 (0)79 435 04 70

© SwissTrails - C. Sonderegger

Noville Montreux – Villeneuve indoor ring

Outdoor sand square, outdoor sand paddock.

Manège de Montreux-Villeneuve SA
Route du Simplon 17
1845 Noville
Tel. +41 (0)21 960 10 38

© SwissTrails - C. Sonderegger

Noville Noville indoor ring

Training and jumping lessons for all levels (ponies and horses). Outdoor paddock, 600 m galloping track, circle, indoor ring, 28 horse parks available.

Manège de Noville
Route d'Evian 44
1845 Noville
Tel. +41 (0)79 327 87 83

© SwissTrails - C. Sonderegger

Pampigny Pampigny indoor ring

Ring open all year, horse/pony livery (16 sqm loose box rental), holiday camps, lessons for all levels (beginner to advanced), breaking in of horses and ponies

Manège et école d'équitation
1142 Pampigny
Mobile +41 (0)79 239 13 63

© SwissTrails - C. Sonderegger

Puidoux-Gare Chaux Equestrian Center

Jumping lessons in winter, summer camps and certificate camps

Centre équestre des Chaux
Chemin des Chaux
1070 Puidoux-Gare
Tel. +41 (0)21 946 22 55

© SwissTrails - C. Sonderegger

St. Légier-La Chiésaz St. Légier indoor ring and Equestrian Club

Sand paddock and indoor ring. Activities: training, jumping, trick riding, preparation for competitions and equestrian certificate, outings, holiday camps, livery and half livery, birthdays and outing in a horse-drawn carriage, pony games.

Manège et Club Equestre de St-Légier
Chemin du Crêt de la Palud 8
1806 St-Légier-la Chiésaz
Tel. +41 (0)21 943 18 97

© SwissTrails - C. Sonderegger

Sévery Indoor ring and riding school

Horse and pony livery and trade, lessons and horse and pony outings, summer school, preparation for the certificate, outdoor sand paddock measuring 25 x 60 m.

Manège et école d'équitation
1141 Sévery
Tel. +41 (0)21 800 33 65
Mobile +41 (0)79 441 09 47
Fax +41 (0)21 800 33 65

© SwissTrails - C. Sonderegger

Yverdon-les-Bains Riding School La Poudrière

This riding school, which is located south of town near the aerodrome, has two paddocks, equipped horseboxes, a hall as well as several horse grounds.....

Centre équestre Yverdon-les-Bains
Rue des Moulins 200
1401 Yverdon-les-Bains
Tel. +41 (0)24 426 25 25


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