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Coronavirus: Measures for tourism in Switzerland and the canton of Vaud

Apr 16, 2021

Decisions of the State of Vaud communicated on April 14th 2021

Adaptation of measures for the canton of Vaud.

Restaurant outside seating areas to reopen :
Restaurants and bars will be able to reopen their outside seating areas from 19 April. Customers must be seated and masks may only be removed to consume food and drink. A maximum of four people will be allowed per table and each person’s contact details must be recorded. Tables must be 1.5 metres apart or have a screen placed between them. Many of these establishments offer take-away options.

Publicly accessible facilities and businesses :
Publicly accessible leisure and recreation facilities will also be allowed to reopen under similar conditions to shops and museums. This means that all areas of zoos and botanical gardens can open. Masks must always be worn in indoor areas and distancing rules respected. However, indoor areas of spa facilities, swimming pools, Clubs and discos will remain closed.

Events with spectators: outdoors with 100 people, indoors with 50 people :
Events with spectators or audiences will once again be allowed. The maximum number of visitors will be limited to 100 people at outdoor venues – such as at football matches or open-air concerts – and 50 people indoors – such as at cinemas, theatres and concerts. Furthermore, attendance will be limited to a third of the venue’s maximum capacity. There will be a seating requirement and masks must be worn at all times. A distance of 1.5 metres must be maintained between visitors at all times, or a seat left free. Food and drink will not be allowed and there should be no intervals.

Other events: no more than 15 people:
Other events involving up to 15 people will also be permitted in addition to the private gatherings and sporting and cultural activities already allowed. These include guided tours at museums, club gatherings or other leisure and recreational events. Mask-wearing and social distancing rules still apply.

Sporting and cultural activities for adults involving up to 15 people :
The restrictions regarding recreational sporting and cultural activities for adults are also to be eased for individuals or groups involving up to 15 people. Competitions and matches will also permitted under these conditions. Outdoors a mask must be worn or the required distance of 1.5 metres respected. Indoors it will be necessary both to wear a mask and respect distancing rules. Exceptions will be made for activities where it is not possible to wear a mask, such as during endurance training in fitness centres, or when singing in a choir. In these exceptional cases, stricter distancing rules apply.

The number of people allowed to attend events among friends and family (for example gatherings and parties) is limited. The numbers include children. Recommendation: Only get together with a few households at the same time.
Rule indoors: A maximum of 10 people is allowed.
Rule outdoors: A maximum of 15 people is allowed.

In public spaces (for example footpaths, parks and squares), gatherings of more than 15 people are forbidden.

Masks must be worn in many public spaces, for example in shops, in restaurants, on public transport and in busy pedestrian zones. The general rule of thumb applies: Always wear a mask when you are away from home and unable to maintain social distancing of 1.5 metres from other people at all times.

Entering Switzerland : In response to the COVID-19 pandemic there are special rules for people entering Switzerland. Depending on the type of travel, you might have to fill out a form for incoming travellers, show proof of a negative test and/or go into quarantine. We recommend that you refer to the applicable rules and measures that are available on the FOPH website.

All these decisions may be subject to change depending on how the sanitary situation develops.

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