Backdrop Switzerland Expo

Backdrop Switzerland Expo

Oct 12, 2019 - Jan 5, 2020
Morges - Exposition

Switzerland in the movies - When Heidi and James Bond meet in Morges.

BACKDROP SWITZERLAND EXPO is a cultural exhibition that brings together iconic photographic documents, posters and extracts from foreign films that use Switzerland as a backdrop from 1900 to the present day.
The exhibition presented in Morges will explore the theme of Lake Geneva, its shores and cities. Geneva, of course, with its banks and its international dimension, but also Lausanne, which, for example, Chabrol films in Merci pour le chocolat (2001).

The mountain offers an even richer and more varied filmography. The themes chosen are those of the adventure and spy film, including the not-to-be-missed Goldfinger (1961) with Sean Connery in the role of James Bond. But we also find the contemporary mountain as a holiday destination with Sils Maria (2014) by Olivier Assayas with Juliette Binoche and Kristen Stewart or Youth (2015) by Paolo Sorrentino.
Or the comedy with Laurel and Hardy in the Alps with Swiss Miss (1938).

However, Heidi will occupy a central position with more than 9 animated or fiction feature films, as well as television series in Europe, Japan and the United States.

At the Musée Alexis Forel / mountain side

Vertigo, hilarious mountain climbing with Laurel and Hardy, visits to the luxurious palaces of Sils Maria or Flims, Heidi and Peter's meadow... Filmed in studio or on location, countless movies celebrate Swiss alpine settings.

At the bend of a trail, we come upon Shirley Temple and her goats in Heidi. Further along, we contemplate the sublime surroundings of Sils Maria, along with Juliette Binoche and Kirsten Stewart. Further up still, tears are flowing at the tragic destiny of Tony Kurz, stranded in a blizzard on the north face of the Eiger - the central theme of Norwand.

At the Expo Fondation Bolle / lakeside

Along the shores of Lac Léman, from Geneva to Montreux, the landscape has inspired numerous film directors. And so have its famous Belle Epoque paddlewheel boats, unique and striking backdrops in and of themselves. We encounter Sophia Loren on the jetty of Rolle, during the memorable filming of Lady L.

Then, in Lausanne, we follow the curves of the Learning Center featured in Guillaume Deffontaines' Love is a Perfect Crime or get a taste of Claude Chabrol's Merci pour le chocolat...

Additionally, Expo Fondation Bolle reserves a special Place for James Bond. We will find out how his author Ian Fleming's stays in Switzerland had an impact on the adventures of the famous secret agent. We will of course revisit all the Swiss locations, from Goldfinger to GoldenEye.

  • Musée Alexis Forel
  • Grand-Rue 54
  • 1110 Morges - CH

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