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Plateforme 10

a unique arts platform in Switzerland

Fine arts, photography and contemporary art brought together in one single spot near Lausanne station, in a cultural area that is unique in Switzerland.

The City of Lausanne has launched an ambitious challenge: Reinventing the museum space through an urban project that is modern, alive and unique in Switzerland. Its intriguing name, Plateforme 10, is representative of the spirit of the concept. But its name couldn’t be more appropriate since the new arts area is next to the nine train platforms of Lausanne station. This tenth and unique “platform” invites the public to embark on a journey of the mind where a museum visit turns into an all-inclusive experience.

Indeed, the collections of photography, fine arts, design and contemporary arts are further enhanced by their remarkable architectural surroundings. There are also areas of reception, relaxation and food&drink, for example a bookstore and shop and a library. This bringing together of five institutions is not simply a question of sharing premises. Their goal is to “surpass the disciplines that are specific to each one and to create an atmosphere that emulates and fosters the highly attractive spirit of the site”.

Switzerland is one of Europe’s champions with regard to museum offers, both in terms of density and quality. Lausanne contributes to this reputation. Each year, it welcomes thousands of fans of science, art and popular culture. They are bound to flock to Plateforme 10! This new site brings together the following five prestigious cultural institutions.

Musée cantonal des Beaux-Arts (MCBA)

The Cantonal Museum of Fine Arts is one of Switzerland’s oldest museums. It owns approximately 10,000 works, many of which were donations.

Openings of the museums in June 2022

Musée de l’Elysée

Musée de l’Elysée is entirely dedicated to photography and is one of the most renowned of its category. It owns a unique collection and several photographic funds such as Charlie Chaplin’s.


Mudac (museum of design and contemporary applied arts) is one of a kind. It likes to keep things interesting by planting red herrings and combining different art styles. The curators can therefore mix and match at their heart’s content at the new premises. There will be exhibitions on the topics of design, fashion and graphic arts, but also of their unique glass art and Ancient Egyptian and Asian collections.

Fondation Félix Vallotton

Centre permanent de recherches et de documentation, la Fondation Félix Vallotton collabore déjà avec son futur voisin, le MCBA. Ce musée conserve la plus grande collection d’œuvres de l’artiste, connu notamment pour ses illustrations en noir et blanc et ses gravures sur bois.

Fondation Toms Pauli

Dedicated to the study, conservation and development of ancient and modern textile art works, the Toms Pauli Foundation inherited a collection of tapestries and embroideries donated by Mary Toms. The Foundation will also be on the Plateforme 10 site.

Practical information

    Place de la Gare 16
  • 1003 Lausanne - CH

Plateforme 10

Architecture and sustainable development

Plateforme 10 is also an example of innovative architecture, soft mobility and harmony between city and nature. The architectural offices of the Italian Fabrizio Barozzi and the Spaniard Alberto Veiga were the winners of the international competition on rebuilding the Swiss national railways’ halls. This is where the MCBA has taken up its new headquarters. To the north, it is bordered by a series of fourteen arcades forming a bridge between frenetic city life and the timeless universe of the arts. For the design of the second building next to it, a jury has unanimously chosen the Portuguese architects Manual and Francisco Aires Mateus. Their original project consists of a cubic white-marble building traversed by a glass furrow in lieu of a window.

Perfectly integrated in the urban landscape and the natural environment, Plateforme 10 represents one stage of the “Green Lane” soft mobility project linking Lausanne’s eastern and western areas. This passage is reserved to pedestrians and cyclists. It will consist of a specially built gateway starting from Lausanne station and following along the new arts area. Entrusted to the Cantonal Museum and Botanical Gardens (MJBC), the vegetal layout of this ramp will be organised in a didactic manner and in collections. Almost considered a fourth, open-air museum in its own right, this green gateway complements the other gardens of Plateforme 10 that cover an area of 5,600 square yards for total surface area of 30,000 square yards.

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