The Olympic Museum

The Olympic Museum

much more than just about sport

The world’s only museum founded by the International Olympic Committee is in Lausanne. This is where visitors can experience the Olympic spirit and sports in various interactive exhibitions.

Faster, higher, stronger! This motto of the Olympic Games also describes the public’s emotions in Lausanne’s most visited museum. The International Olympic Committee chose to create and set up the one and only Olympic museum in the Lausanne district of Ouchy opposite Lake Geneva and the Alps. The Olympic Museum has pride of place just like the ancient city where this important movement arose in the history of mankind.

Whether you're a fan of sport competitions or not - Olympism isn't just sports! -  you will experience the same thrills as the athletes when you visit the interactive, ultramodern exhibitions. This complete leisure site is much more than a museum. You’ll experience unforgettable moments on three floors with the names “The Olympic World”, “The Olympic Games” and “The Olympic Spirit”.

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“The Olympic World” is the first part of the visit. It explains the vision of its founder, Baron Pierre de Coubertin and will make you realise how rooted Olympism is in the history of mankind. The space dedicated to the 50 torches that have transported the Olympic flame of all Games since 1936 is on the same floor. These symbolic objects were created with great artistic skill by the countries that hosted the Games. They still seem to be imbued with the pride of those that had the honour of bearing them to their destination.
“The Olympic Games” on the middle floor unveils all the secrets of the competitions and their champions, especially with the “At the heart of the run”, a 180° audiovisual show. Concentration, physical effort, friendship, joy, sadness... All these emotions experienced by the athletes are filmed in close-up and presented in a fast sequence that leaves us speechless.
“The Olympic Spirit” on the third floor was entirely renovated at the end of 2018. It puts you in the shoes of a great athlete thanks to moving testimonies and interactive, immersive exercises. One of the highlights is the space dedicated to the medals, their symbolism encompassing both the rewards and the sacrifices. All in all, 1,500 objects, 5,000 photos and 150 audiovisual materials are exhibited to transmit the values of the Olympic Movement to all visitors.
Pierre de Coubertin is the founder of the modern version of the Olympic Games. He wanted people to understand that Olympism is a true philosophy of life that encompasses not only sports but also many fundamental ethical principles such as education, respect, artistic flair and social responsibility. Regardless of their age or their knowledge of the sports disciplines, the visitors of the Olympic Museum respond to these universal values.

The adjacent Olympic Park and the TOM Café are the ideal - and freely accessible - places to relax. Throughout the park, there are about 40 sculptures that were inspired by Olympism, with Lake Geneva and the Alps as a backdrop. When you climb the 97 steps of the park, you cannot but imagine all the athletes that overcame many an obstacle before stepping onto the podium. Measure yourself against them in the sports facilities offering a 100-metre athletic track that challenges you to beat the record of Usain Bolt! Thanks to a simulation with light beams, you realise the incredible speed of the Jamaican runner.

Joj 2020

2020 Youth Olympic Games in Lausanne

From 9 to 22 January 2020, the city of Lausanne, in collaboration with the resorts of the Vaudois Alps and Vallée de Joux, will have the honour of hosting the third edition of the Youth Olympic Games. Approximately 1,880 athletes aged between 15 to 18 and from about 70 countries will compete in 16 disciplines and 81 competitions. Naturally, the Olympic Museum will be fully involved in this unprecedented event. To celebrate the YOG, entrance to the Museum will be free of charge from Monday 6 to Sunday 26 January 2020 and it will be open 7/7 from 10 am to 6 pm.
From April 13, 2019 to March 15, 2020, a temporary exhibition is referring to the YOG with the title “We are Olympians, and you?” The museum is committed to honouring the athletes, their doubts and joys, but especially their relationships with the other athletes and their team spirit. We thus understand more easily how they share the Olympic values and we incorporate that understanding as an inspiration in our everyday challenges. Faithful to its vision, the Olympic Museum has embellished the exhibition with interactive experiences and photographs by internationally renowned artists. The key events in the Olympic Museum will of course be placed under the sign of the YOG and the exhibition “We are Olympians, and You?” on the Night of the Museums on 21 September and during the Olympic Week from 13 to 17 October 2019.

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