Parc Jura vaudois

Jura Vaudois Regional Nature Park

Relax in the Vaudois Jura Park and enjoy excursions into nature, bicycle routes, cultural visits and local breaks.

You’d be hard-pressed to find the entrance to the Vaudois Jura Regional Nature Park. There's none! Sharing the border with the French Jura, this living territory stretches from the charming town of Romainmôtier to the top of La Dôle. It offers three mountain passes: the Marchairuz, Mollendruz and Givrine. All of them are ideal starting points for hiking and snowshoeing. The new discovery area of the Vaudois Jura Park at Col du Marchairuz is a must-visit place that showcases all the facets and missions of the park. The nearby, famous Sentier de la Fourmi des Bois, a children’s favourite, and Sentier du Sapin in Siméon offer didactic routes. The highlights of the Park are Dent de Vaulion, Mont Tendre and La Dôle. They offer splendid panoramas on Lake Geneva, the Alps, Mont Blanc, the Jura, Lake Joux and Lake Neuchâtel.

Taking a stroll in the heart of nature

The Vaudois Jura Nature Park offers typical landscapes and unspoilt nature stretching from the villages of the Jura foothills to Vallée de Joux and Lake Joux. You can explore the region either via the mountains or its three mountain passes. Numerous restorative walks and hikes lead through wooded pastures with dry stone walls and breathtaking views. All paths are marked. They are of varying length and difficulty and accessible by public transport. Those who wish to expend more energy can choose between cycling, mountain biking and e-cycling, with several routes available by day or in several stages.

The three-day Great Walking Tour or the Bike Tour give those with lots of stamina the opportunity to explore the park from one end to the other. The sixth stage of Route Verte connects Schaffhausen to Geneva by electric bike across six regional nature parks. It reaches the region by the Aiguillon mountain pass, overlooks the wild gorges of the river Orbe and enters the Vaudois Jura Park by the Mont d’Orzeires mountain pass. The seventh and final stage runs along Risoud forest before climbing toward the Col du Marchairuz. It then crosses Combe des Amburnex and later descends toward the Lake Geneva plain.

Astroval, the Association of Astronomy of Vallée de Joux, invites you to gaze at the beauties of the sky after nightfall. Feel like reconnecting with nature? Spend one night in the great outdoors with a mountain guide and observe the local fauna and flora in an environment-friendly way. Animal fans also appreciate the Garenne Animal Park in Le Vaud, which specialises in local wildlife and wildlife treatment.

Winter is the time of fairy-tale landscapes in Vallée de Joux. The local lake sometimes even freezes over, turning into a natural ice rink. The ski areas of La Dôle and Vallée de Joux serve as a playground for fans of cross-country skiing, downhill skiing and snowshoeing. Suisse Mobile offers a cross-country ski route across the Park. This route links the three mountain passes Mollenruz, Marchairuz and Givrine.

Enjoying local specialties

No stay in the Vaudois Jura Park would be complete without tasting the Alpine Gruyère and Vacherin Mont-d'Or cheese specialties, both of which are protected designations of origin (PDO/AOP). 21 chalets still transform the milk from the Vaudois Jura Park's 217 mountain pastures into cheese on site. This traditional know-how has been part of the cantonal inventory of Vaudois intangible heritage since 2020.

Featuring varied geography and landscapes shaped by agriculture, the Park’s territory offers a multitude of local products that reflect its terroirs and the spirit of innovation. The “Swiss Parks Product” label helps to better orient gourmet visitors. It is displayed on a selection of regional and sustainable specialties such as goat and sheep cheese, honey, and beef.

PDO/AOP cheeses and delicacies with the label “Swiss Park Product” feature on the menu card of many mountain cafés as well as in restaurants and inns that are a “partner company” of the Park. In summer, you can watch the cheesemaking process and taste other specialties in some of the chalets on the mountain pastures.

Discovering a unique heritage

The Vaudois Jura Park is a region of character thanks to the cultural heritage and living traditions, religious buildings, castles, and mountain chalets. The abbey of Romainmôtier, one of the oldest Romanesque churches in Switzerland, is a jewel of Clunisian heritage. The watchmaking heritage is emblematic of this region. It can be found in typical watchmaking farms, Espace horloger or through the presence of prestigious brands such as Audemars Piguet, which has just inaugurated its futuristic Museum Workshop. The regional identity is expressed around cordial events such as the désalpe of St-Cergue or the Vacherin Mont-d'Or Festival.

Dent de Vaulion - Vue aérienne

Focusing on sustainable development

The Vaudois Jura Park is one of Switzerland’s regional nature parks. It has been recognised of national importance since 2013 and pursues missions focusing on sustainable development. This living territory covers 20% of the canton of Vaud and comprises 30 districts. Unlike other Swiss park categories, the Vaudois Jura regional nature park does not have a protected central area. While the Park has 59 nature reserves, its territory is mainly used for human activities. This is where we live, work and relax! 

Three nature parks in the canton of Vaud

There are two regional nature parks in the canton of Vaud, the Vaudois Jura Park and the Gruyère Pays-d'Enhaut Park. Regional nature parks preserve and enhance their traditional cultural landscapes. They stimulate the creation of value according to the principles of sustainable development such as unspoilt nature and beautiful landscapes as added value for tourism. They also encourage agriculture and local production.

Jorat Park is a periurban nature park in the canton of Vaud. Located close to towns, periurban nature parks offer native flora and fauna a preserved natural environment. Visitors have the unique opportunity to experience them - including through discovery activities in the transition zone.

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