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Montreux Riviera - Pure Inspiration

Life is more beautiful in Montreux Riviera

Its splendour, pleasant climate and famous guests have given the region of Montreux-Vevey the title of Swiss Riviera. Beyond its dream landscape, it offers many more attractions!

With its shores on Lake Geneva, Lavaux UNESCO vineyards, nearby summits, cities like Montreux, Vevey and picturesque villages, it is not surprising that Montreux Riviera is the birthplace of tourism in Switzerland. The beginnings of this tradition are part of the region's heritage, just like the medieval lords of the Castle of Chillon. Today, Montreux Riviera continues to write its history by innovating constantly, for example the museums Chaplin's World, Alimentarium. Culture fans and guests of Montreux Riviera become festival goers in July at the famous Montreux Jazz Festival,

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Chaplin's World™

From medieval heritage to contemporary history

The heritage of Montreux Riviera is history in progress. Discover its origins and explore its present treasures!

A stay in Montreux Riviera is made of successive jumps in time that help capture the whole variety of this one-of-a-kind region. Medieval times at Chillon, the development of transport from Blonay to Chamby, the Nestlé saga in Vevey, the life of The Tramp in Chaplin's World, music legends at the Casino of Montreux: All this makes the DNA of Montreux Riviera and can be seen in many exciting places, such as the lakeside promenades of Montreux and the old streets of Vevey, which are outdoor museums.

Montreux Jazz Festival

Celebrations and music

The charming villages, the terraced vineyards of Lavaux UNESCO and especially the Montreux Music & Convention Centre are dream venues for many events.

Since the foundation of the famous Montreux Jazz Festival more than 50 years ago, the region has transformed into the Swiss capital of music each summer. The influence of the vineyards of Lavaux UNESCO and the region’s great Chefs also contribute to developing the traditional and gourmet events on offer, such as the legendary winegrowers’ festival. The vast Montreux Music & Convention Centre accommodates various events, whereas Montreux Noël immerses the town in the magic of Christmas throughout one month in winter.

Restaurant le Patio

Exceptional wines and great restaurants

The vineyards of Lavaux UNESCO, one of Switzerland’s most beautiful landscapes, produces excellent wines that also inspire the greatest Chefs in the region.

Epicureans and wine tourists consider Montreux Riviera to be a true land of plenty. The vineyards of Lavaux UNESCO invite visitors to gourmet walks with stops at local winegrowers’ or their wine cellars. These picturesque and friendly places conceal treasures for fans of excellent vintages, especially Chasselas, the region's emblematic grape variety. They can be found on the tables of many great Chefs working in the region, often on terraces that offer magnificent views.

Rochers-de-Naye Via Ferrata

Nature in all its splendour

Did you know that Montreux Riviera is one of the most beautiful regions of Switzerland? Start exploring it! By train, boat or on foot, you’ll be sure to get an eyeful!

Set between Lake Geneva, terraced vineyards and mountain peaks, Montreux Riviera is truly enchanting. One never gets tired of it, whatever season or means of transport. Tourist trains, panoramic or rack-rail trains combine comfort with contemplation on the lakeshores or in the mountains. The signposted paths reveal the most stunning panoramas at your pace. On a more romantic level, the Belle-Epoque boats invite you to admire the beauty of nature from the lake.

Hiver lac Léman

Snow accessible to all

Now included in the very popular Magic Pass package, the summits of Montreux Riviera offer snow sports near the towns and for all levels.

A few minutes from the cities, Rochers-de-Naye, Pléiades and Caux allow you to gain altitude and enjoy the joys of a white winter, often with breathtaking views. Lovers of peaceful snowy landscapes and more adventurous fans of all types of ski sports get their fill of winter pleasures, complete with a fondue in the typical atmosphere in a mountain restaurant. The ski slopes offer a declivity that is ideal for children and beginners.

Chillon 2020

Flash visits to miss none of it

Montreux Riviera is so varied that one-day visitors have but one wish: come back and see more! In the meantime, we propose short programmes to see it all! In order to discover Lavaux UNESCO in a fun way, follow the winetouristic path using the free application Vaud:Guide.

Spend some time with your family thanks to the suggested activities in Montreux Riviera. If the weather doesn’t play along, there is a vast array of cultural, fun or gourmet activities to choose from. Have an enjoyable visit and see you soon!



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