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From excursions by train to gastronomic cruises, the canton of Vaud offers a multitude of tourist transport possibilities.

The beautiful sites of the canton of Vaud unfold before your eyes, either by train, theme circuit or from a modern or period boat. Many activities offer sense-awakening moments with their large offer of local specialties.

Travel that tastes great

In the canton of Vaud, a leading Swiss destination since the 19th century, amazing tourist transport take you to breathtaking natural settings. Aboard these new and unusual travel modes such as historic trains or boats, today’s travellers can feel the emotions of the adventurers of the past. Maybe because they offer the comfort of our time... The circuits and routes on water or by rail are relaxing and inspiring, magic even. Crossing nature sites that are otherwise inaccessible provides emotional moments and memories, as does participating in activities organised around the region’s assets. Their fun and friendly aspect delights families and fans of local specialties of all ages.

Train des Vignes train ride Vevey-Puidoux

Grand tourist trains

Steam trains, trains running on natural gas or by electric traction: These types of tourist transport arouse peaceful and communicative excitement. Getting on board of such trains is a journey in itself. A train that crosses the vineyards of Lavaux UNESCO, with Lake Geneva below, is a not-to-be-missed experience. When a train such as the iconic GoldenPass Line crosses tunnels and Alpine viaducts, it offers a time-bridging dimension, in which the future seems to meet ancient times. Whether you prefer more modern trains to those of the Belle Epoque or century-old locomotives, the beautiful vistas delight everyone. From the Alps to Vallée de Joux, the railways pass through spectacular scenery and guarantee an effortless climb. Ascending the Roches-de-Naye or the Pléiades by cog-wheel train spares physical effort and is a feast for the eyes.

Private cruises by the CGN on Lake Geneva

Cruises on Lake Geneva

Discover all of the assets of Lake Geneva aboard a jewel of the Swiss naval heritage. A majestic fleet of eight boats dating from the Belle Epoque braves the waves in the summer season. The Compagnie Générale de Navigation (CGN) carefully maintains this collection, which is among the world’s most prestigious, to the great delight of tourists and locals alike. In addition to these steamboat cruises, the CGN also offers modern-day cruises to around 40 destinations on the Swiss and French shores. From Chillon CastleTM to the Olympic Museum, the iconic attractions of the canton appear in a new light. These must-see sites cultivate their dazzling beauty throughout the day, such as the vineyards of Lavaux UNESCO or of La Côte.

Funiculaire Les Avants - Sonloup

A mountain and a marvel

Memorable trips aboard unique means of transport take you off the beaten track. The Lausanne-Echallens-Bercher railway (LEB) is ideal for enjoying the landscapes of the northern Vaudois countryside and Gros-de-Vaud. It is an institution on its own, functional and tourist-oriented at the same time. It follows historic tracks called the “green line”, which is nearly 150 years old. Aboard the BAM train (Bière-Apples-Morges), a feeling of adventure takes hold of us. The restaurant car is just a little younger – it dates of 1895! From La Côte, head to the Riviera to climb Mont-Pèlerin (1,079 m). But not on foot! The funicular from Vevey offers 11 minutes of calm and grandiose views. At the top of Mont-Pèlerin, there is a tower called “Plein-Ciel”, a unique panoramic lift that takes you 65 metres above ground. This marvel of engineering allows visitors to enjoy a 360° view including Lake Geneva, the Alps and Prealps, the Jura and the whole hinterland. Sublime.

Train du fromager

Tours with local flavours

The charm of a getaway trip in the direction of the Jura or through the Alps is enhanced by savouring local specialities. On a trip with friends, your partner or family, savoury food fans will go for a cheese fondue while those with a sweet tooth will fall for a chocolate fondue. The connoisseurs and fans of good wine bottles from the canton of Vaud are equally spoilt with wine tours organised on the water or in a train. The region’s AOC (CDO = controlled designation of origin) wines can be tasted in the BAM restaurant car or during a stop of the Lavaux Express or Lavaux Panoramic tourist trains. The CGN offers original outings for special events – Valentine's Day, Mother's Day… – in addition to its theme tasting cruises.

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