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Start by meeting the Vaudois people by learning about their lives, passions, stories and anecdotes or by discovering the local, mouth-watering specialties such as: Vully cream cake, Malakoff, “Bouchons vaudois”, Amandine, etc.

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The Lake Geneva Region in images!

All winter delights are in the lake geneva region

Skiing, sledding, skating, sharing a cheese meal in a Swiss chalet: everyone has their own winter dreams. The place to go to is the canton of Vaud. The Vaudois resorts in the Alps - Villars-Les Les Diablerets, Leysin-Les Mosses-La Lécherette, Château d’Oex-Rougemont - and in the Jura - Sainte-Croix/Les Rasses, Saint-Cergue/La Dôle and Vallée de Joux - offer an impressive variety of winter activities for all levels and budgets thanks to highly competitive offers.
All winter delights are in the lake geneva region
Discover the Vaudois art of living ?
Are you also fond of nature?
Vivre - In the heart of Lake Geneva Region !


#MoveIn Château-d'Oex - Pays-d'Enhaut

The Pays-d’Enhaut region in the Vaud Alps is an ideal destination for outings because it is so easy to reach. One day rarely suffices for visitors to discover its many natural and cultural treasures, so they usually extend or repeat their stays in this authentic mountain region. An authentic ambience prevails in the Pays-d’Enhaut villages, known for the architecture of their traditional wooden chalets with delicate sculptures. Another typical art form − the renowned skill of paper-cutting – can be discovered at the Pays-d’Enhaut Museum.
The Lake Geneva Region in images!
#MoveIn Château-d'Oex - Pays-d'Enhaut
#MoveIn Yverdon-les-Bains Région
#MoveIn Nyon
#MoveIn Aigle-Leysin-Col des Mosses
#MoveIn Lausanne
#MoveIn Vallée de Joux
#MoveIn St-Cergue / LaDôle
#MoveIn Villars
#MoveIn Sainte-Croix / Les Rasses
#MoveIn Leysin
#MoveIn La Vallée de Joux - Back to Nature
#MoveIn Montreux - Au printemps!
#MoveIn Morges - Fête des tulipes

Rencontres Vaudoises

The Lake Geneva Region in images!

Marc-Etienne Piot – Président de la Maison du Blé et du Pain

Considered as Switzerland’s “breadbasket” thanks to its large wheat farming space, the Wheat and Bread Festival in Echallens pays tribute to our agricultural, milling and baking traditions. Marc-Etienne Piot, the president of the Wheat and Bread Museum in Echallens and a native of the same region, describes this village event and the population’s enthusiasm with sparkling eyes. Established in 1978, the fourth Wheat and Bread Festival will take place from August 15 to 26, 2018, in the form of a show featuring nearly 800 people on stage, be they professionals or amateurs. 40,000 spectators are expected to come and celebrate the harvest time, the millennial agricultural legacies and the bread that has been the basis of our daily diet since Antiquity.
Encounter with Marc-Etienne Piot - President of the Wheat and Bread Museum
Rencontre avec François Junod – automatier-sculpteur à Sainte-Croix
Rencontre Vaudoise avec Jean-Yves Cavin et le Cully Jazz Festival
Rencontre avec Anne Rosat – Découpeuse de papier au Pays-d’Enhaut.
The Montreux Jazz Festival... a unique event and legendary moments!
An encounter in Vaud on the traces of Chaplin’s World
Rencontre avec Marie-France Meylan Krause - Directrice des sites et du musée Romains D'Avenches
Rencontre avec Tim Vodoz - Chauffeur de dameuse à Villars-sur-Ollon
Rencontre avec Jérôme Aké - Maître-d'Hôtel & Sommelier en Lavaux UNESCO
Rencontre avec Jean-Luc-Bovey - Maître Artisan-Huilier à Severy
Rencontre avec "La Suisse" - Bateau à vapeur Belle Epoque sur le Léman
Rencontre avec Henri Pavillard - Guide aux grottes de Vallorbe
Rencontre avec Renato Häusler - Guet de la Cathédrale de Lausanne

Histoires de recettes


Amandine is a word that makes our mouths water... and a sweet many people simply cannot resist! This specialty of St. Croix is made at the bakery/confectionery La Gourmandine, by Reynald Jaccard and his team. They are the guardians of the secret that has turned Amandine into a unique pastry. This gentle blend of honey, cream, sugar and almonds spread on a sweet dough can be kept at room temperature. It is easily transported and a delight to eat... What more could you ask for? Amandine, your hold on us is sweet...
The Lake Geneva Region in images!
Bouchons Vaudois
Beignets des Brandons
Gâteau du Vully

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