Morges Région

Morges Région

Morges, Flower of Lake Geneva

Visitors are entranced by the discreet but natural charm of the medieval town of Morges. The surrounding countryside abounds with natural and gourmet treasures.

Located between Lausanne and Geneva, Morges has become firmly established as a must-see town. Its tranquillity and authenticity with a hint of eccentricity draw tourism and celebrities alike. The most famous of them, actress Audrey Hepburn, lived in Morges for more than 20 years.

The castle of Morges, a medieval fortress on the lakeshores, is a true picture-postcard feature and a host of cultural events with no less than five museums within its venerable walls. Other major museums and popular events such as the Tulip Festival and the Lakeside Book Fair draw countless visitors.

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Château de Morges

Culture to experience and share

The museums and the region's cultural and heritage sites offer many opportunities of discovery and exchange.

The largest museums of the city of Morges can be found in the medieval castle and in other magnificent heritage sites. They tell the story of the region, its inhabitants and artists. The lively exhibitions create unique experiences to be shared. Encounters and interactivity are the focus of other cultural sites in the region, such as the innovative Fondation Jan Michalski in Montricher, the bucolic Arboretum in Aubonne, the oil mill of Sévery and the impressive castle of La Sarraz.

Fête de la Tulipe - Morges

Unique events

Thanks to its inhabitants’ creativity, a series of unique events are held in Morges each year.

Morges, the Flower of Lake Geneva, and its region are renowned for its flower shows, one of which is the famous Tulip Festival. To the delight of visitors, the parks of the town and the surrounding region burst into colourful bloom every spring, while the comedy festival Morges-sous-Rire transforms the town into the capital of humour, the lakeside book fair features the authors currently in vogue, Divinum serves the best wines from here and elsewhere and UNIcréa exhibits the creative arts.

Féchy vineyards

Treasures on each plate and in each glass

Morges enjoys an ideal location between Lake Geneva, the vineyards and the countryside, which is reflected in its delicious terroir products.

Lake Geneva supplies fine fish - above all perch - to the fishermen of Morges who prepare them with skill. The restaurant owners in and around Morges make fine dishes with them. They are best enjoyed with regional vintages. Whites such as Chasselas and reds such as Pinot Noir are the most widespread, but the nearby vineyards also supply several delicious specialties, while the nearby countryside provides first-rate meats, vegetables and terroir products.

Outdoor events at the Arboretum of the Vallon de l’Aubonne

Natural playground

Visitors enjoy the large open spaces from Lake Geneva to the Jura foothills to do sports or simply for contemplation.

The region of Morges has preserved its natural heritage and highlights it in an educational way. Didactic trails, fun exhibitions, gardens in a thousand and one colours, picturesque means of transport and events dedicated to Mother Nature immerse you in a multitude of landscapes that are well worth discovering. You’ll be surprised by the countless sports and unusual activities on offer. Do you know Swin Golf, the treetop adventure park and City Golf? Don’t miss the opportunity to try them all out in this imaginative region!

Nyon Castle


Located between Lausanne and Geneva, the Morges and Nyon regions are both cosmopolitan and authentic. Many international companies and schools have opted to locate in these towns close to Lake Geneva. They have developed business tourism and offer a complete change of scene.

Just a few kilometres from Geneva airport, La Côte has attracted several international schools and enterprises to the region. Morges, Nyon and their surroundings are now cosmopolitan while retaining their authentic appeal.

By the shores of Lake Geneva and on the La Côte hillside vineyards, facilities for holding seminars, conferences or team building sessions have flourished. In this exceptional environment – including in some truly historic buildings – the Château de Prangins, the Portes des Iris, Casino de Morges, etc. – companies can access comfort, technology and inspiration essential for their work sessions.

In the largest vineyard of the Canton of Vaud, business people combine work with an exploration of Grand Crus at a vineyard or in the famous viticulture training school at Changins. Other sports activities – on Lake Geneva in summer or wearing snow racquets in winter - make La Côte the perfect place for corporate outings and incentive trips.


Flash visits to miss none of it...

Do you have only little time to spare on your trip from Lausanne to Geneva Airport? A short stop in the region of Morges will convince you and make you want to come back! Whether you'd like to have fun, have a stroll or learn something new, our selected flash visits will help you achieve a lot in a brief span of time. Choose among the winter activities, didactic trails and guided visits and - above all - don't forget that you're seeing only a small sample of the multiple possibilities on offer!

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