Paléo Festival

Cultural events

Culture is celebrated in the canton of Vaud! Various events in the field of music, dance, theatre or other arts bring together connoisseurs and the curious. The choice is vast and everyone finds something suitable in each season.

The large music festivals such as Montreux Jazz and Paleo have built the reputation of Vaudois events beyond our borders. Over time, they have inspired smaller-sized events that are just as sought after. There is space for everyone in the canton of Vaud! Each music style is represented, but the other artistic disciplines also have their place in the festive programmes. Dance, comedy, film, street art, literature, comic strips and even the digital universe all have their dedicated events. Multidisciplinary events also open the minds of children and adults looking for other forms of expression.

All you need to do is choose or blithely mix styles to celebrate culture in all its glorious forms!

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